Family Law Mediation

There are two different forms of mediation that may be used in a family law situation:

1. Facilitative mediation which can begin before a divorce case is even filed. This mediation method may allow the parties to eventually file their divorce themselves as all issues are worked out by the mediator prior to filing. In facilitative mediation it is important that the parties can sit down together with the mediator to work issues out. Attorney Metzger is able to facilitate parties hoping to resolve their cases in an uncontested manner and help the parties work through the issues that must be resolved in a divorce.

2. Evaluative mediation is usually ordered by the Court when a divorce is filed but after the completion of discovery. The goal of evaluative mediation is that the parties will settle their case without the need for a trial. This process requires the appointment of a neutral third party, usually a family law attorney, to assist divorcing couples reach a settlement of their outstanding issues.

Mediation is a process whereby the parties involved retain control over the outcome of their case. Division of property, financial arrangements, and plans for the children are all important considerations for a family in transition. The parties can resolve their own conflicts in mediation during and after a divorce through solutions that specifically address their family’s particular needs and interests. Mediation is a process that seeks not to take sides but provide an environment and a process to guide the participants toward a satisfactory resolution of their issues. Mediation has many benefits including promoting communication, confidentiality, cost-effectiveness and control over choices affecting your finances and children. Mediation is also an extremely effective method to resolve issues that may arise after your divorce such as necessary changes in parenting time or child support.

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