Child Custody, Parenting and Child Support

Child custody are issues that arise not only in divorce but also in paternity actions, (where children are born to unwed parents) and post-judgment motions. There are two types of child custody in Michigan: (1) Physical Custody – where the child resides; (2) Legal Custody – which parent makes significant decisions regarding the child. The parenting time schedule may be based on a county’s standard schedule or may be agreed upon by the parties or as the judge decides at trial. Either way, the process of determining custody and parenting time is one of the most important decisions in your child’s life.

Parenting time has important and lasting ramifications to your custody case. Agreeing to any parenting time schedule can affect your custody case and child support. Each parent may have the right to a specific parenting time schedule which includes holidays and summer school recess.

In Michigan, child support is calculated by a formula that includes the parties’ incomes and the number of overnights in the parenting time schedule among other things. Strugging to pay your current child support order or having child support enforcement issues can be frustrating. If you have had a recent change in income there are legal steps you must take immediately to modify your child support order.

It is important to find a lawyer who understands the specifics of the Michigan Child Support Guidelines regarding custody, parenting time and child support. At Laaksonen Law Offices you can be confident in the years of family law experience utilized to arrive at the best outcome for your custody case.