Grandparents Rights

The Michigan grandparents’ rights law was amended in 2003 making it more difficult for many grandparents to claim parenting time with their grandchildren.

Contact Laaksonen Law Offices if you seek information about getting quality time with your grandchild when the parents are separated, divorced, dysfunctional or incapacitated. You may want to seek a guardianship or any other grandparenting time option which may be possible under the law. To obtain grandparenting time under the Michigan statute, you will need to demonstrate that denying grandparenting time to you and your grandchildren creates a immenint risk of doing harm to a child’s emotional or physical condition. Also, if you have lost a child and wish to have time with your grandchildren from your deceased child, you may have that right under the statute.

Contact Laaksonen Law Offices to discuss how to obtain quality time with your grandchildren whether through the court system or mediation.