Drivers License Restoration

The ability to get to work, home, and family obligations is a necessity most people take for granted until their driver’s license has been suspended or revoked. Our office is focused on one goal: getting your driver’s license reinstated and getting you back on the road.

Whether you’re a Michigan resident or a former resident now living in another state, Attorney Laaksonen has successfully helped many restore their driving privileges. Ultimately reinstating your driver’s license is what counts and Attorney Laaksonen has over 20 years of legal experience to assist you with your case. Reinstating your driver’s license can be a complicated process. Together we can devise an action plan to help you secure evidence, file all necessary paperwork and attend any hearings involved with your application to ultimately help get your license back.

Contact Laaksonen Law Office today for a more information on how we can help you fight to get back on the road again.